FAN meeting, 1973 Leyden

First meeting Leiden Januari 24, 1973
24 FAN-club members
Jendo Oosterhuis holds photo album marked "FAN CLUB", present of Carl von Winning (the Hague),
Achim Wessing, Lex Craandijk, Pierre Bos

Green letters give a bright fluorescence when illuminated with blue light

At home of Jendo and Nick Oosterhuis for drinks and dinner:
Dr Binkhorst, August Deutman, Achim Wessing, Sirp Baarsma

Nick Oosterhuis bending over the table; she prepared an Indonesian rice table with a large
number of dishes.

In the center prof Henkes.
The dinner after the FAN meeting became a tradition, and was organized at the home
of the local organisers until the number of attendees became too large to host them